What makes Formulage’s Vit Body Care SPF 15+ Lotion so special?

Uniquely formulated Vit Body Care SPF 15+ protects, nourishes, and hydrates the skin without leaving it oily. This lotion is a by-product of decades of knowledge and research by two of Formulage’s Founding members Mandy Goncalves, Skincare Specialist, and Wim van Nierop, Medical Scientist. Mandy’s passion for skin and more than two decades of experience in the beauty industry, combined with Wim’s extensive medical knowledge, enables Formulage to produce effective skincare products continuously.

Over and above the scientific excellence, Formulage also takes advantage of the many gifts mother nature provides in the form of plants and herbs. We hone in on these natural treasures and their exceptional properties and incorporate many of them into our products.

Such is the case with Formulage’s Vit Body Care SPF 15+ lotion. We’ve truly captured the essence of nature in this multi-faceted body lotion and extracted what your skin needs to thrive.

The truth is that there are many body lotions, creams, butters, and moisturizers out there. So what makes Vit Body Care SPF 15+ so special?

Firstly, our body lotion is packed with Rosehip oil, a Natural Retinol. This active ingredient is a 100% rich natural source of vitamins A, C, and E. These vitamins play an essential role in the health of our skin. They reactivate cellular metabolism, increasing collagen and elastin production by penetrating through the epidermis into the deeper layers of the skin. Ultimately reducing the signs of ageing, unnatural pigmentation, and enlarged pores and eliminating free radicals by improving the skin’s overall elasticity. And because it is a gift from mother nature, you can reap the benefits without dealing with the adverse side effects of other forms of Retinol.

Secondly, Vit Body Care SPF 15+ contains Aloe Ferox, a fantastic anti-inflammatory agent that helps heal sunburned skin and assists with irritated skin conditions and blemished skin. And if you suffer from Folliculitis, you should definitely make Formulage’s Vit Body Care SPF 15+ part of your daily skin routine.

Then lastly, this wonder lotion is also packed with Vitamin B to assist with hyper-pigmentation and collagen formation while supporting the growth of new skin cells.

Vit Body Care SPF 15+ is part of an extensive range of skincare products for all skin types, including problematic, acne-prone, sensitive, and aging skin. Each product is designed with the knowledge and understanding of what our skin needs to thrive.

Reach out to one of our team members if you want to stock Formulage products, purchase them for home use, or want to know more.

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