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These products target specific problems such as unwanted hair growth, stretch marks and pigmentation.
Formulage’s powerful targeted skin care range tackles specific areas of concern that need special care and attention. Each product is meticulously developed with the area of concern in mind, getting straight to the point. The highly concentrated formulas of active ingredients, means only a small amount of product is needed to get the results your skin deserves. Whether it’s blemishes, pigmentation, premature ageing, or unwanted hair. Formulage’s targeted skincare could be your solution to happier skin.
Dermatitis cream
Atopic dermatitis (eczema) describes inflamed, irritated dry and itchy skin.
Anti-Inflammatory Cream
Inflammation is a localized physical condition where part of the body becomes reddened, swollen, hot, and often painful.
STRIAGEL-Stretch Mark
Apply Striagel to affected areas at least twice daily. Allow to dry before covering with clothing.
Hyaluronate spray
Formulage’s Hyaluronate spray hydrates the skin. It can be applied over makeup.
Wax Less
Formulage’s Wax Less contains a carefully formulated cocktail of botanical extracts to retard the regrowth of hair following waxing.
Wound gel
This product is meant for home use. It has no antiseptic properties. It is not for major, complicated or persistent wounds.
Scar cream
Formulage’s Scar Cream is formulated to improve the appearance of scars.
Sun Cream SPF 50+
Formulage’s Sun Cream SPF 50 contains high concentrations of UVA and UVB filters which provide extended protection from damage caused by the sun.
Perfect Skintone SPF20+
Formulage’s Perfect Skintone SPF 20+ contains several active ingredients to prevent and reduce hyperpigmentation.
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